In times of Darkness, it is far too easy to forget the Light. The Guild of Mortal Ken seeks to preserve the artistry of crafting so that knowledge of the finer things in life shall not fade from Azeroth. To that end, we quest and explore, delve deep dungeons and fearsome instances, in search of knowledge, adventure, craft secrets, and worldly experience. We face these challenges unafraid, for nothing is beyond Mortal Ken!

Interested in joining? Contact a member online (/who "Mortal Ken") or leave a message in our forums.

Privacy Statement

The Guild of Mortal Ken is a casual gaming guild for Alliance characters of all levels on the Garona server of Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft MMORPG. The guild seeks to promote fellowship, mutual assistance, and possibly make it easier to find four other folks who need/want to do [insert your favorite instance here]. The guild is designed around a crafting focus, primarily to make it a little distinctive and because of a long discussion one night in Ironforge that "no one does themed guilds anymore." The guild uses the in-game roster to keep track of members' crafting professions and levels; this allows experienced characters to flow down unneeded raw materials or recipes to lower level characters.

The majority of the members are United States West Coast (Pacific Time) and are evening/weekend players. Instance runs are nominally scheduled for midnight server time (10 pm Pacific) on Friday nights.

New ginvitees enter the guild as Novices. A guild officer will promote a Novice to a Gatherer, usually within a day. This discourages "guild butterflies" who change guilds as a matter of convenience and allows time to update the web-site. After a short probationary period (usually around a week, may be waived or shortened if vouched for by senior members), the new member is elevated to Artisan and gains the ability to ginvite others. Members may be demoted for verified reports of ninja looting, grieving, or other anti-ToS behavior.

If you ginvite a new member, please send an in-game mail message to the CraftsMaster (Mshell) with the name and race of the character. If there's a particular reason you think s/he will make a good member, include that as well (groups well, has a good sense of humor, doesn't like paladins...). If you want to save the 30cp, you can post to the Membership forum as well.

The highest skilled crafter in each production profession (alchemy, blacksmithing, enchanting, engineering, leatherworking, tailoring) becomes the Master Crafter of that discipline. There may be multiple Master Crafters if there is a tie. Master Crafters function as officers of the guild and help guide up-and-coming crafters of their discipline (such as: Which branch of [craft] should I take? Where are good places to farm materials? What's selling well on the AH?). Officers have the right to promote Novices to Gatherers and Gatherers to Artisans.

Should the Crafts Master of the guild choose to step down, the Master Crafters vote one of their number to succeed him/her. The outgoing Crafts Master casts the tie breaking vote if required.

There are some guild funds available to sponsor lower-level members should they require money for training. Higher-level characters may support this scholarship fund by donations (either in cash or auctionable items). Make a request to a guild officer or any senior member in the game or in the General Forum. The funds are held in trust by the CraftsMaster who will either disburse the money directly or reimburse senior members if funds are available.

This fund (or very kind higher-levels) may also provide loans to assist members in purchasing their first mounts at Level 40. Please repay the loan at your earliest convenience. You will likely find that 30-40g is a lot easier to acquire at L45 than at L40.

Guild members who have reached the level of Artisan or higher may request a "vanity" e-mail forwarding address ( Send a message with your character name to from the account where you want to receive your mail. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when the forwarding address is set up (usually in about a day). If you are kicked or otherwise leave the guild, the management reserves the right to terminate the forwarder without additional notification.

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Privacy Statement