This information is preliminary, based on publically released information for the new expansion and reports from the closed beta. Information may change prior to the expansion release.


Professions provide another way to customize your character, adding to the richness of the WoW experience. Exploited properly, they also add to the richness of your character, since professions can produce money-making goods and services.

Secondary skills are unlimited. At the current time, there are three secondary skills, and characters may take all three. The secondary skills are cooking, first aid, and fishing.

Primary professions include production and gathering skills. Production skills (sometimes called crafting skills) create or modify items. Gathering skills provide raw materials to support production skills. Characters may have a total of two primary skills. Production skills include alchemy, blacksmithing, enchanting, engineering, jewelcrafting, leatherworking, and tailoring. Gathering skills include herbalism, mining, and skinning.

Learning Skills

Trainers in the major cities and most new character starting areas can start you on your way. The one exception is Darnassus, which has neither mining nor blacksmithing trainers; on Kalimdor, you will have to make your way to Darkshore if you want to work metal. Ask any guard in the starting areas or capital cities, and they will be happy to direct you to the nearest trainer. Starting jewelcrafting trainers are only available in Silvermoon City (Horde) or The Exodar (Alliance).

Skill Level Skill Range Min Char Level Cost (Primnary) Cost (Secondary)
Apprentice1-751*10 cp1 sp
Journeyman76-150105 sp5 sp
Expert151-2252050 sp1 gp (Book)
Artisan226-300355 gp"Free" (Quest)
Master301-37550**5 gp (Book)
* Fishing requires character to be L5 to train for Apprentice.
** While the level limit is 50, all Grand Master trainers reside in Outland, and a minimum of L55 is required to go through the Dark Portal. Thus, L55 is the practical requirement for all production professions.

Note that primary gathering skills have no character level requirement, so you can reach Artisan Skinning (for instance) before making L35.

Trainers may train to the level below theirs - so an Artisan trainer may train you to Expert level. Normally, you may train for the next level when within 25 levels of the top (so at 125 skill level, you may train for Expert skill). For the secondary skills, you purchase books to become Expert or Master, while a quest is required to become an Artisan (given at level 35 when your skill has reached 225). Gnomes have a special knack for engineering and can exceed the top of the range by 15 levels - so a gnome Expert engineer can have skill up to level 240 and an gnome Artisan engineer maxes out at 315. Tauren have a similar gift for Herbalism, the Blood Elves for Enchanting, and the Draenei for Jewelcrafting.

Many crafting professions have either specialty trainers or skill specialization that provide recipes that regular trainers do not have. Tailors, for instance, have Shadoweave trainers who train in the creation of Shadoweave garments. Engineers may choose to specialize in either Gnomish or Goblin engineering, with a different selection of recipes depending on their choice. Skill specialization is an irrevocable choice - you would have to unlearn the skill and retake it to switch specialization choices.

Unlearning Skills

If you want to learn a new primary skill and you already have two, you must unlearn one to free up a slot. Open the character view and select the skills tab. Browse to the skill you want to unlearn and click on it. In the bottom pane of the skill view, you will see a bar indicating the skill level for that skill. Next to the bar will be a small red button. Click on the button to unlearn the skill and free up the slot.

Random Enchantments

Several crafted items (Wild Leather items, Green Lens, etc.) are listed as having a "Random Enchantment." When crafted, the name of the item will have a "of the..." added which indicates the type of enchantment. These enchantments add to one or two character stats or to spell damage. An enchantment that adds to a single stat (e.g., "of Agility") usually adds about 1.5x the points of one that adds to two stats. Possible enchantments include:

Enchantment Affected Stats
of the Bear Stamina and Strengh
of the Boar Spirit and Strength
of the Eagle Intellect and Stamina
of the Falcon Agility and Intellect
of the Monkey Agility and Stamina
of the Owl Intellect and Spirit
of the Tiger Agility and Strength
of the Whale Spirit and Stamina
of the Wolf Agility and Spirit
Enchantment Affected Stats
of Arcane Wrath Arcane Spell Damage
of Concentration Mana Regeneration
of Fiery Wrath Fire Spell Damage
of Frozen Wrath Frost Spell Damage
of Power Attack Power

Professions and Reputation

Many high-end recipes are not available as drops - they may only be purchased from vendors of other factions. In most cases, it is necessary to gain reputation with the other factions in order to purchase these because they are Bind on Pickup and won't show up at the AH. The following is a chart of which factions should be targeted for each profession.

Friendly Honored Revered Exalted
Azeroth Factions
Tradeskill Argent Dawn Cenarion Circle Thorium Brotherhood Timbermaw Hold Zandalar Tribe
Alchemy (275) Transmute: Air to Fire (300) Transmute Elemental Fire (275) Transmute Earth to Water (275) Greater Dreamless Sleep
(290) Major Troll's Blood Potion
(275) Mageblood Potion
(285) Living Action Potion
Blacksmithing (290) Girdle of the Dawn
(300) Gloves of the Dawn
(300) Icebane Bracers
(300) Icebane Gauntlets
(300) Icebane Breastplate
(300) Heavy Obsidian Belt
(300) Ironvine Belt
(300) Ironvine Gloves
(300) Light Obsidian Belt
(300) Ironvine Breastplate
(300) Jagged Obsidian Shield
(300) Obsidian Mail Tunic
(295 Armor) Dark Iron Bracers
(295 Armor) Fiery Chain Girdle
(300 Armor) Dark Iron Helm
(300 Axe) Dark Iron Destroyer
(300 Sword) Dark Iron Reaver
(300 Armor) Dark Iron Gauntlets
(300 Armor) Dark Iron Leggings
(300 Armor) Fiery Chain Shoulders
(300 Weapon) Black Amnesty
(300 Weapon) Blackfury
(300 Armor) Dark Iron Boots
(300 Axe) Nightfall
(300 Hammer) Ebon hand
(300 Sword) Blackguard
(290) Heavy Timbermaw Belt
(300) Heavy Timbermaw Boots
(300) Bloodsoul Gauntlets
(300) Darksoul Shoulders
(300) Bloodsoul Shoulders
(300) Darksoul Leggings
(300) Bloodsoul Breastplate
(300) Darksoul Breastplate
Enchanting (290) Enchant Bracer - Mana Regeneration
(300) Enchant Bracer - Healing Power
(300) Enchant Cloak - Greater Fire Resistance
(300) Enchant Cloak - Greater Nature Resistance
(290) Enchant Weapon - Strength
(300) Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spirit
(300) Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect
(290) Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility
(290) Enchant Weapon - Agility
(300) Brilliant Mana Oil
(300) Brilliant Wizard Oil
Engineering (300) Bloodvine Lens
(300) Bloodvine Goggles
Leatherworking (290) Dawn Treaders
(300) Golden Mantle of the Dawn
(300) Polar Bracers
(300) Polar Gloves
(300) Icy Scale Bracers
(300) Icy Scale Gauntlets
(300) Polar Tunic
(300) Icy Scale Breastplate
(300) Bramblewood Belt
(300) Spitfire Bracers
(300) Sandstalker Bracers
(300) Bramblewood Boots
(300) Spitfire Gauntlets
(300) Sandstalker Gauntlets
(300) Bramblewood Helm
(300) Spitfire Breastplate
(300) Sandstalker Breastplate
(300 Dragonscale) Dreamscale Breastplate
(295 Tribal) Corehound Boots
(300 Elemental) Molten Helm
(300) Lava Belt
(300 Dragonscale) Black Dragonscale Boots
(300 Dragonscale) Chromatic Gauntlets
(300 Elemental) Molten Belt
(300 Tribal) Corehound Belt
(275 Tribal) Warbear Harness
(285 Tribal) Warbear Woolies
(290) Might of the Timbermaw
(300) Timbermaw Brawlers
(300) Primal Batskin Bracers
(300) Blood Tiger Shoulders
(300) Primal Batskin Gloves
(300) Blood Tiger Breastplate
(300) Primal Batskin Jerkin
Tailoring (290) Argent Boots
(300) Argent Shoulders
(300) Glacial Wrists
(300) Glacial Gloves
(300) Glacial Vest
(300) Glacial Cloak
(275) Cenarion Herb Bag
(300) Sylvan Shoulders
(300) Sylvan Crown
(300) Gaea's Embrace
(300) Satchel of Cenarius
(300) Sylvan Vest
(300) Flarecore Gloves
(300) Flarecore Mantle
(300) Flarecore Robe
(300) Flarecore Leggings
(290) Wisdom of the Timbermaw
(300) Mantle of the Timbermaw
(300) Bloodvine Boots
(300) Bloodvine Leggings
(300) Bloodvine Vest
First Aid (300) Powerful Anti-Venom
Outland Factions
Tradeskill Honor Hold
Aldor Cenarion Exp The Consortium Kurenai
The Scryers The Sha'tar Sporregar
Alchemy (330) Elixir of Major Agility
(350) Transmute: Skyfire Diamond
(350) Transmute Primal Water to Air
(360) Major Nature Protection Potion
(350) Transmute Primal Fire to Earth (345) Elixir of Major Firepower (350) Alchemist's Stone
(350) Transmute Primal Air to Fire
(350) Transmute Primal Earth to Water
(335) Shrouding Potion
Blacksmithing (360) Felsteel Shield Spike (350) Adamantite Sharpening Stone
(350) Adamantite Weightstone
(355) Shadowbane Bracers
(360) Shadowbane Gloves
(365) Shadowbane Breastplate
(355) Shadowbane Helm
(355) Enchanted Adamantite Belt
(355) Enchanted Adamantite Boots
(360) Enchanted Adamantite Breastplate
(365) Enchanted Adamantite Leggings
Enchanting (325) Enchant Bracer - Superior Healing
(345) Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats
(350) Enchant Gloves - Major Healing
(350) Enchant Weapon - Major Healing
(370) Enchant Ring - Healing Power
Engineering (335) Green Smoke Flare
Jewelcrafting (305) Gleaming Golden Draenite
(305) Royal Shadow Draenite
(360) Pendant of Shadow's End
(370) Nightseye Panther (315) Runed Blood Garnet
(325) Dazzling Deep Peridot
(360) Pendant of Withering
Leatherworking (350) Felstalker Belt
(360) Felstalker Bracers
(360) Felstalker Breastplate
(350) Shadowguard Belt
(350) Shadowscale Belt
(325) Vindicator's Armor Kit
(350) Shadowguard Boots
(350) Shadowscale Boots
(350) Shadowguard Pants
(350) Shadowscale Leggings
(355) Heavy Clefthoof Boots
(355) Heavy Clefthoof Leggings
(360) Heavy Clefthoof Vest
(340) Fel Leather Gloves
(350) Fel Leather Boots
(350) Fel Leather Leggings
(340) Netherfury Belt
(325) Reinforced Mining Bag
(340) Netherfury Leggings
(350) Netherfury Boots
(350) Enchanted Clefthoof Boots (350) Enchanted Felscale Gloves
(325) Magister's Armor Kit
(350) Enchanted Clefthoof Gloves
(350) Enchanted Felscale Boots
(350) Enchanted Clefthoof Leggings
(350) Enchanted Felscale Leggings
(365) Drums of Battle
Tailoring (335) Mystic Spellthread
(375) Runic Spellthread
(325) Heavy Netherweave Net (340) Bag of Jewels (335) Silver Spellthread
(375) Golden Spellthread
Cooking (300) Clam Bar
(325) Sporeling Snack