This information is preliminary, based on publically released information for the new expansion and reports from the closed beta. Information may change prior to the expansion release.



Complementing the alchemy skill, herbalism allows the skilled gatherer to harvest medicinal plants used extensively in preparing potions. Herbs - particularly the higher-level ones - have excellent resale value.

You gain the "Find Herbs" skill in the General tab of your spellbook when you train in herbalism. Activating this will highlight nearby herbs in the minimap. As with all gathering skills, the Gatherer addon is extremely useful. Once you've located a herb, run up and right-click on it to harvest it. In Outland, there are plant beasts (such as the Bog Giants of the Zangarmarsh) that may be harvested for herbs when slain (herb-skinning). Just right-click an appropriate body.

When grouped with other herbalists, you should agree on how to share herbs or harvestable mobs. They can be rolled on as with chests, or you can decide to take turns. If you're leveling your herbalism, everyone can take turns harvesting but not looting the node to have the chance at a skill up.


There are herbalism trainers in the starting zones and capital cities. Ask a convenient guard in the cities for the nearest herbalism trainer. All herbalism trainers are able to train up to Artisan level.

Tauren have a racial affinity for herbalism and have a bonus of +15 to skill. This allows them to reach L240 as an Expert and L315 as an Artisan.

Related Items

Item Description Source
Enchant Gloves - Herbalism +2 herbalism skill to gloves 145 Enchanting
Enchant Gloves - Advanced Herbalism +5 herbalism skill to gloves 225 Enchanting
Herbalist's Gloves +5 herbalism skill 135 Leatherworking
Herb Pouch 12-slot Herbalism Bag Vendor (Herbalism Suppliers, 10s)
Cenarion Herb Bag 20-slot Herbalism Bag 275 Tailoring
Satchel of Cenarius 24-slot Herbalism Bag 300 Tailoring


Name Given By Description Reward
[55] Salve via Gathering Arathandris Silversky, Felwood Collect 4 Fel Creep 4200xp (first time only),
2 Cenarion Plant Salve

Trade Items

Lvl Item Notes
1 Peacebloom
1 Silverleaf
15 Earthroot
50 Mageroyal
50/70* Swiftthistle Found randomly with Mageroyal and Briarthorn
70 Briarthorn
85 Stranglekelp
100 Bruiseweed
115 Wild Steelbloom
120 Grave Moss
125 Kingsblood
150 Liferoot
160 Fadeleaf
170 Goldthorn
185 Khadgar's Whisker
195 Wintersbite
205 Firebloom
210 Purple Lotus
210* Wildvine Found randomly with Purple Lotus, but more usually dropped by trolls
220 Arthas' Tears
230 Sungrass
235 Blindweed
245 Ghost Mushroom
250 Gromsblood
260 Golden Sansam
270 Dreamfoil
280 Mountain Silversage
285 Plaguebloom
290 Icecap
300 Black Lotus
300 Bloodvine Bloodvine is only found in Zul'Gurub, dropped by trolls or found with herbs gathered with the Blood Scythe.
305 Felweed Felweed is found throughout Outland.
305 Fel Lotus Fel Lotus may be randomly found on any Outland herb
305 Fel Blossom [BoP] MinLvl: 60, Use: Absorbs 750 to 1250 Damage, lasts 15 seconds. Found randomly with Felweed
315 Dreaming Glory
325 Ragveil
325 Flame Cap MinLvl: 55, Use: Chance to strike a ranged or melee target for 40 fire damage. Also increases Fire spell damage by up to 60. Lasts 1 min.
340 Terocone
Mana Thistle You will also gain a random amount of mana when harvesting thistle.
Netherbloom You may gain Netherbloom Pollen when picking Netherbloom. This is a 15 minute effect to a randomly selected stat of +/- 50