Reputation Compendium

Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire in Elwynn Forest

"Come one, come all. Welcome to the Darkmoon Faire! Don't be shy. Step right up to Lhara and buy yourself an exotic artifact from far off lands. If you're one of the lucky few who have found Darkmoon Cards, have a word with Professor Paleo. Hungry? Thirsty? You're in luck! Refreshments are available right here from Sylannia and Stamp. I recommend the Darkmoon Special Reserve to wash down some Red Hot Wings. And if the future is what you seek, then run, don't walk, to speak with Sayge." - Silas Darkmoon

The Darkmoon Faire in MulgoreSilas Darkmoon brings his traveling carnival of the strange and wondrous to town every month (rotating between Terrokar Forest, Elwynn Forest, and Mulgore). The Faire comes to town on the first Friday of the month and opens to the public for a week beginning early (2 am server time) Monday. Home to rare snacks and cheap drinks, the Faire includes everything from a fortune teller (Sayge's fortunes provide various buffs) to a character-launching cannon to a carnival midway. For your help in getting the Faire set up, the carnies will provide you with tickets which Gelvas Grimegate will trade for prizes. Tickets are soulbound and stack in 200s.

In addition to the tickets, Professor Paleo redeems decks of playing cards which may be found as drops throughout Azeroth. A full suit of cards (Ace through 8) may be traded in for a matching trinket card. The 2-8 of each suit are found as rare drops from L45-60 humanoids (including undead). The Aces of each suit are dropped from various bosses. All trinket cards require L60 to equip.

  • Beast Deck - Ace dropped from The Beast (UBRS)
    Blue Dragon card: 2% chance on successful spellcast to allow 100% of your Mana regeneration to continue while casting for 15 sec.
  • Elementals Deck - Ace dropped from elemental invasion bosses
    Maelstrom card: chance to strike your melee target with lightning for 200 to 300 Nature damage.
  • Portals Deck - Ace dropped from Darkmaster Gandling (Scholomance)
    Twisting Nether card: gives the wearer a 10% chance of being able to resurrect with 20% Health and Mana.
  • Warlords Deck - Ace dropped from King Gordok (Dire Maul)
    Heroism card: sometimes heals bearer of 120 to 180 damage when damaging an enemy in melee.
Outland Decks have Aces dropped from various bosses in either regular or heroic mode (Steam Vaults, Arcatraz, Shattered Halls, Mechanar, et al). These cards require L70 to equip.
  • Lunacy Deck
    Madness card: +51 Stamina, each time you land a killing blow on an enemy, you gain the Power of Madness.
    The Power of Madness is a 30 second, class-dependent, random buff, including:
    • Delusional (Druid, Hunter, Paladin, Rogue, Warrior) +70 attack power
    • Dementia (Druid, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, Warlock) Every 5 seconds, randomly gives you +5% or -5% spell damage and healing
    • Kleptomania (Druid, Hunter, Paladin, Rogue, Warrior) +35 Agility
    • Manic (All Classes) +35 haste rating
    • Martyr Complex (All Classes) +35 Stamina
    • Megalomania (Druid, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, Warlock) +41 spell damage and healing
    • Narcissism (Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, Warlock) +35 Intellect
    • Paranoia (All Classes) +35 critical strike rating
    • Sociopath (Druid, Paladin, Rogue, Warrior) +35 Strength
  • Storms Deck
    Wrath card: each time you don't critically strike, you gain +17 critical strike and +17 spell critical strike ratings for the next 10 sec or until you critcally hit
  • Furies Deck
    Vengeance card: +51 Stamina, 10% chance when hit (by attack or spell) to deal 95-115 Holy damage to the attacker
  • Blessings Deck
    Crusade card: each time you deal melee damage to an opponent, you gain 6 attack power for the next 10 sec (stacks up to 20 times); each time you land a harmful spell on an opponent, you gain 8 spell damage for the next 10 sec (stacks up to 10 times).
Northrend cards are crafted by Scribes (who can also craft the lower level Darkmon cards now). The resultant trinket requires L80 to equip.
  • Chaos Deck
    Berserker Card: You have a chance to gain Berserker when you are struck in combat, increasing your critical strike rating and resilience rating by 35 for 12 sec. Effect stacks up to 3 times.
  • Nobles Deck
    Greatness Card: Str: 90, When you heal or deal damage you have a chance to gain Greatness, increasing your Strength, Agility, Intellect, or Spirit by 300 for 15 sec. Your highest stat is always chosen.
  • Prisms Deck
    Illusion Card: Increases spell power by 100. Use: Absorbs 400 damage for 6 sec. When the shield is removed by any means, you regain 1200 mana.
  • Undeath Deck
    Death Card: Improves critical strike rating by 85, Each time you deal damage you have a chance to do an additional 744 to 956 Shadow damage.

Details on the available items may be found at the official site. The Faire has no additional bonuses gained by raising your reputation with them. All reputation gains from turn-ins stop at Friendly, although you can keep gaining reputation via deck turn-ins.

5 Darkmoon Flower (Off-hand)
5 Minor Darkmoon Prize (MinLvl: 15)
10 Last Month's Mutton
(1H Mace, MinLvl: 29, Dmg: 26-54, Spd: 2.5, DPS: 16.6)
12 Lesser Darkmoon Prize (MinLvl: 30)
40 Greater Darkmoon Prize (MinLvl: 45)
40 Schematic: Steam Tonk Controller
50 Darkmoon Storage Box
(14-slot bag, unique)
50 Last Year's Mutton
(1H Mace, MinLvl: 50, Dmg: 44-82, Spd: 2.0, DPS: 31.5)
1200 Amulet of the Darkmoon
(Neck, MinLvl: 60, Str: 10, Agi: 19, Sta: 10)
1200 Orb of the Darkmoon
(Neck, MinLvl: 60, Sta: 11, Spi: 8, Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 22)
Note L55 minimum to redeem 1200 tickets

Yebb NeblegearThe Faire is unusual in that reputation is used to limit the ways you can gain tickets. Each turn-in yields 250 reputation points, and as your reputation with the Faire improves, fewer options are available. Fizzwidget's AdSpace add-on places a note in the tooltip for items which can be turned in to the Faire for tickets.

To get your first 125 tickets, start in the Screaming Canyon and Roguefeather Den (south-central Thousand Needles). The harpies in the area (L28-L30) drop Vibrant Plumes fairly regularly and respawn quickly. Collect 50 plumes (enough for 10 turn-ins). Then take the quest "[60] The Darkmoon Faire" given by Melnan Darkstone near the bank in Ironforge (or Kruban Darkblade in Orgrimmar). When the Faire opens, take your plumes to Neblegear. 10 turn-ins will yield 120 tickets and raise you to 2500/3000 Neutral, at which time the plumes will no longer be accepted. Turn in the Darkmoon Ticket Voucher to Gelvas Grimgate to get 5 more tickets.

The two suggested long-term strategies for gaining tickets are either mining/buying Dense Stone when the Faire isn't in town (32 stones/20 tickets, requires 250 Blacksmithing) or killing scorpids in the Blasted Lands or Silithus and skinning them to gain Rugged Leather and the chance at Glowing Scorpid Blood (40 leather or 10 blood/20 tickets, requires 250 Leatherworking to make the kits).

Turn-in To Tickets Notes
Valid for Rep 0-500 (Neutral)
5 Small Furry Paws Yebb Neblegear 1 Found on Moonstalkers and Savannah lions from Darkshore or the Barrens
10 Coarse Weightstones Kerri Hicks 1 65 Blacksmithing (1 Coarse Stone, 1 Wool Cloth)
5 Copper Modulators Rinling 1 65 Engineering (1 Copper Bar, 2 Handfuls of Copper Bolts, 2 Linen Cloth)
3 Embossed Leather Boots Chronos 1 55 Leatherworking (8 Light Leather, 5 Coarse Thread)
Valid for Rep 0-1100 (Neutral)
5 Torn Bear Pelts Yebb Neblegear 1 Found on bears in Ashenvale or Hillsbrad
7 Heavy Grinding Stone Kerri Hicks 4 125 Blacksmithing (3 Heavy Stone)
7 Whirring Bronze Gizmos Rinling 4 125 Engineering (2 Bronze Bar, 1 Wool Cloth)
3 Toughened Leather Armor Chronos 4 120 Leatherworking (10 Medium Leather, 2 Fine Thread, 2 Cured Light Hide)
Valid for Rep 0-1700 (Neutral)
5 Soft Bushy Tails Yebb Neblegear 8 Found on wolves/coyotes in Desolace and the Badlands
3 Green Iron Bracers Kerri Hicks 8 165 Blacksmithing (1 Green Dye, 6 Iron Bar)
36 Green Fireworks Rinling 8 150 Engineering (vendor recipe) (3 fireworks per 1 Heavy Leather, 1 Heavy Blasting Powder)
3 Barbaric Harness Chronos 8 190 Leatherworking (14 Heavy Leather, 2 Fine Thread, 1 Iron Buckle)
Valid for Rep 0-2500 (Neutral)
5 Vibrant Plumes Yebb Neblegear 12 Found on various birds and wildkin L30 and higher
1 Big Black Mace Kerri Hicks 12 230 Blacksmithing (1 Solid Grinding Stone, 2 Thick Leather, 16 Mithril Bar, 4 Shadowgem, Black Pearl)
6 Mechanical Repair Kit Rinling 12 200 Engineering (1 Mithril Bar, 1 Solid Blasting Powder, 1 Mageweave Cloth)
1 Turtle Scale Leggings Chronos 12 235 Leatherworking (28 Turtle Scale, 1 Heavy Silken Thread, 14 Thick Leather)
Valid at all reputation levels
10 Evil Bat Eyes Yebb Neblegear 20 Found on bats in the Eastern Plaguelands
10 Glowing Scorpid Blood Yebb Neblegear 20 Found on scorpids in Silithus, the Blasted Lands, and the Burning Steppes
8 Dense Grinding Stone Kerri Hicks 20 250 Blacksmithing (4 Dense Stone)
6 Thorium Widgets Rinling 20 260 Engineering (vendor recipe) (3 Thorium Bar, 1 Runecloth)
8 Rugged Armor Kits Chronos 20 250 Leatherworking (5 Rugged Leather)

The Darkmoon Faire arrives in Mulgore