Reputation Compendium

Thorium Brotherhood

The Thorium Brotherhood are a splinter group of Dark Iron dwarves who seek to get rich rather than dominate dwarvenkind. They are demanding and hard-working and among the best blacksmiths of Azeroth. Their primary home (as of Patch 1.5) is Thorium Point in the Searing Gorge. Two key NPCs may be found outside Thorium Point: Derotain Mudsipper of Gadgetzan, Tanaris and Lokthos Darkbargainer in The Grim Guzzler in the depths of Blackrock Mountain. Derotain will trade (the Thorium Brotherhood never give anything) the Imperial Plate plans for thorium bars (lots of thorium bars). Lokthos will sell you a variety of recipes as you earn favor with the Brotherhood. Note that The Grim Guzzler is inside the BRD instance, so this isn't usually a solo bar hop. Most of the recipes are limited to one per instance, so either roll for them or agree to reset the instance and bar run until everyone has all the recipes.

  • At Friendly reputation, you can purchase the following recipes:
    • Recipe: Transmute Elemental Fire (300 Alchemist)
      (Transmute 1 Heart of Fire to 3 Elemental Fire)
    • Plans: Dark Iron Bracers (295 Armorsmith)
      (Plate Wrist MinLvl: 54, AC: 394, Sta: 7, FR: 18)
    • Formula: Enchant Weapon - Strength (290 Enchanter)
      (Enchant weapon with +15 Str)
    • Pattern: Molten Helm (300 Elemental Leatherworker)
      (Leather Head MinLvl: 55, AC: 150, Sta: 16, FR: 29, +1% dodge)
    • Pattern: Corehound Boots (295 Tribal Leatherworker)
      (Leather Feet MinLvl: 54, AC: 126, Agi: 13, Sta: 10, FR: 24)
    • Pattern: Flarecore Gloves (300 Tailor)
      (Cloth Hands MinLvl: 57, AC: 60, Sta: 10, Int: 14, FR: 25, Classes: Priest, Mage, Warlock)
  • At Honored reputation, receive 10% savings at Thorium Brotherhood vendors and gain access to:
    • Plans: Fiery Chain Girdle (295 Armorsmith)
      (Mail Waist MinLvl: 54, AC: 214, Sta: 10, Int: 9, Spi: 8, FR: 24)
    • Plans: Dark Iron Helm (300 Armorsmith)
      (Plate Head MinLvl: 60, AC: 758, Sta: 20, FR: 35)
    • Plans: Dark Iron Reaver (300 Swordsmith)
      (MH Sword MinLvl: 60, Dmg: 71-134, Spd: 2.4, DPS: 42.7, Sta: 10, FR: 6)
    • Plans: Dark Iron Destroyer (300 Axesmith)
      (MH Axe MinLvl: 60, Dmg: 71-134, Spd: 2.4, DPS: 42.7, Str: 10, FR: 6)
    • Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spirit (300 Enchanter)
      (Enchant weapon with +22 Spi)
    • Pattern: Lava Belt (300 Leatherworker)
      (Leather Waist MinLvl: 60, AC: 223, Sta: 15, FR: 26 )
    • Pattern: Black Dragonscale Boots (300 Dragonscale Leatherworker)
      (Mail Feet MinLvl: 56, AC: 270, Sta: 10, FR: 24, +28 attack power)
    • Pattern: Flarecore Mantle (300 Tailor)
      (Cloth Shoulder MinLvl: 56, AC: 71, Sta: 9, Int: 10, Spi: 10, FR: 24)
    • Pattern: Flarecore Robe (300 Tailor)
      (Cloth Chest MinLvl: 60, AC: 102, Sta: 35, FR: 15, +23 magical spell effects)
  • At Revered reputation, Lokthos will sell you:
    • Plans: Fiery Chain Shoulders (300 Armorsmith)
      (Mail Shoulder MinLvl: 57, AC: 299, Int: 14, Sta: 10, FR: 25)
    • Plans: Dark Iron Leggings (300 Armorsmith)
      (Plate Legs MinLvl: 55, AC: 778, Sta: 14, FR: 30)
    • Plans: Dark Iron Gauntlets (300 Armorsmith)
      (Plate Hands MinLvl: 60, AC: 495, Sta: 16, Agi: 12, FR: 28)
    • Plans: Black Amnesty (300 Weaponsmith)
      (OH Dagger MinLvl: 60, Dmg: 53-100, Spd: 1.6, DPS: 47.8, CoH: reduce threat)
    • Plans: Blackfury (300 Weaponsmith)
      (Polearm MinLvl: 60, Dmg: 105-158, Spd: 2.10, DPS: 62.6, Str: 35, Sta: 15, FR: 10, +1% crit)
    • Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect (300 Enchanter)
      (Enchant weapon with +22 Int)
    • Pattern: Chromatic Gauntlets (300 Dragonscale Leatherworker)
      (Mail Hands MinLvl: 60, AC: 279, HR: 5, FR: 5, NR: 5, CR: 5, SR: 5, +44 attack power, +1% crit, +1% spell crit)
    • Pattern: Molten Belt (300 Elemental Leatherworker)
      (Leather Waist MinLvl: 60, AC: 118, Agi: 28, Sta: 16, FR: 12)
    • Pattern: Corehound Belt (300 Tribal Leatherworker)
      (Leather Waist MinLvl: 60, AC: 118, Int: 16, FR: 12, +62 healing spell effects)
    • Pattern: Flarecore Leggings (300 Tailor)
      (Cloth Legs MinLvl: 60, AC: 94, Sta: 21, FR: 16, +43 magical spell effects)
  • At Exalted reputation, you may finally buy:
    • Plans: Blackguard (300 Swordsmith)
      (OH Sword MinLvl: 60, Dmg: 65-121, Spd: 1.8, DPS: 51.7, Sta: 9, +1% parry)
    • Plans: Nightfall (300 Axesmith)
      (2H Axe MinLvl: 60, Dmg: 187-282, Spd: 3.50, DPS: 67.0, CoH: Spell damage taken by target increased by 15% for 5 seconds.)
    • Plans: Ebon Hand (300 Hammersmith)
      (OH Mace MinLvl: 60, Dmg: 90-168, Spd: 2.50, DPS: 51.6, Sta: 9, FR: 7, CoH: Sends a shadowy bolt at the enemy causing 125 to 275 Shadow damage.)
    • Plans: Dark Iron Boots (300 Armorsmith)
      (Plate Boots MinLvl: 60, AC: 664, FR: 28, random enchantment)

Reputation from Kills

There are no known mobs which yield Thorium Brotherhood reputation when killed.


To gain faction with the Thorium Brotherhood, there are a set of quests offered at Thorium Point. In addition, blacksmiths should purchase the Imperial Plate plans from Mudsipper (completing all the quests, including the lead-in "A Blue Light Bargain", yields 2850 reputation points). If you're ~L50, it's most efficient to do the Maltorius/What the Flux? quests, followed by the RRQs (especially if you have lots of resources or kindly guild-brethren to feed you the turn-ins).

Known quests which yield Thorium Brotherhood reputation:

Name Rep Given By Description
Imperial Plate quests 2850 Derotain Mudsipper, Tanaris Requires Blacksmithing 265, ~L50, 270 Thorium Bars
[48] JOB OPPORTUNITY: Culling the Competition 250 Help Wanted Sign, Thorium Point Kill 15 Dark Iron Taskmasters and 15 Dark Iron Slavers
[48] STOLEN: Smithing Tuyere and Lookout's Spyglass 250 Help Wanted Sign, Thorium Point Retrieve the Smithing Tuyere and Lookout's Spyglass
Smithing Tuyere may be found on Dark Iron Steamsmiths and Lookout's Spyglass on Dark Iron Lookouts along the north rim of the Cauldron. They are a rare drop, so be patient.
[49] Curse These Fat Fingers 250 Hansel Heavyhands, Thorium Point Kill 20 Heavy War Golems
[49] Fiery Menace! 250 Hansel Heavyhands, Thorium Point Kill 20 Greater Lava Spiders
[49] Incendosaurs? Whateverosaur is More Like It 250 Hansel Heavyhands, Thorium Point Kill 20 Incendosaurs
These may be found through the second cave mouth from the east. Jump down from the Cauldron lip just east of the eastmost crane tower onto the metal walkway.
[50+] WANTED: Overseer Maltorius 250 Help Wanted Sign, Thorium Point Retrieve the head of Overseer Maltorius
He is located in the Slag Pit through the eastmost cave entrance. The easiest approach is to jump down onto the metal walkway from the Cauldron's lip. He has two L48+ guards with him, all aggro-linked. Take a full group; the guards hit much harder than you would expect. In practice, we sent a pet against Maltorius and concentrated fire on one of the guards. Died, resurrected, and repeated with the other guard. Died, resurrected, and finally took out Maltorius. Your mileage may vary!
[50] What the Flux? 250 Master Smith Burninate, Thorium Point Retrieve Secret Plans: Fiery Flux
These are located on a bench behind Overseer Maltorius. It may be possible to sneak in and get the plans without aggroing him, but better to combine this with Maltorius quest. Completing this quest enables the Restoring Fiery Flux Supplies RRQs
[60d] A Binding Contract 1000? Lokhtos Darkbargainer Hand over a Sulfuron Ingot
This is the quest which yields the plans for the Sulfuron Hammer (300 Blacksmith).

Repeatable Reputation Quests for Thorium Brotherhood

After completing the "What the Flux?" quest, you will gain access to the following RRQs which are good until your reputation reaches Friendly. Each of them requires a turn-in to Master Smith Burninate at Thorium Point. Note that since there's no mailbox handy at Thorium Point, you will have to pack in your turn-ins. Kingsblood and Iron yield 5 turn-ins per stack; Heavy Leather is cheaper per turn-in, but bulkier - only 2 turn-ins per stack. Also note that you need to stock up on Incendosaur Scales, which at least stack in 100s, but the cave is usually being farmed by at least one L60 due to both the RRQ need as well as the resale value of the scales. Burninate will sell you the coal if you don't have room to bring your own. If you complete just the "What the Flux?" quest, you will need 2750 reputation to make Friendly, which is 110 turn-ins. To complete this, you will need a combination of 55 stacks of Heavy Leather or 22 stacks of either Iron or Kingsblood plus 220 Incendosaur Scales (at an average of 3 scales/kill, this is ~73 kills - make sure you take the "Whateversaur" quest before going hunting, but don't turn it in until you've finished with these). Iron and Kingsblood are usually selling at a premium, so call in your favors with your guildies and gather away.

Name Rep Description
Restoring Fiery Flux Supplies via...
...Heavy Leather 25 Turn in 2 Incendosaur Scales, 10 Heavy Leather, 1 Coal
...Iron Turn in 2 Incendosaur Scales, 4 Iron Bars, 1 Coal
...Kingsblood Turn in 2 Incendosaur Scales, 4 Kingsblood, 1 Coal

From Friendly to Honored, the RRQ "Gaining Acceptance" allows you to turn in Dark Iron Residue (found by killing mobs in Blackrock Depths) to Master Smith Burninate for 25 rep/4 Residue. Since just about every kill in BRD drops this, it doesn't take long to get what you need. In addition, you can usually buy this off the AH for 1 to 2s each (1-2g per stack of 100). You will need 960 residue (9 stacks + 1 short stack of 60) for 240 turn-ins to get to Honored. The hardest part of this quest is the 30 minutes spent doing the turn-ins.

Thereafter, you must deal with Lokthos Darkbargainer who spends his days running the mercantile empire of the Brotherhood from a tavern in Blackrock Depths. If you've made it to Honored, you're probably looking for him anyway, because he sells the various recipes. He has the following consignment quests, available at L60:

Name Rep Description
Favor Amongst the Brotherhood:...
...Dark Iron Ore 75 Turn in 10 Dark Iron Ore
...Core Leather 350 Turn in 2 Core Leather
...Blood of the Mountain 500 Turn in 1 Blood of the Mountain
...Fiery Core 500 Turn in 1 Fiery Core
...Lava Core 500 Turn in 1 Lava Core

Unless you're raiding Molten Core (and your guild shares out the Cores and Leather), your best bet is to mine the Dark Iron Ore. There are around three nodes we've found in Searing Gorge in the Cauldron and a few more throughout the northern Burning Steppes. It's also found throughout Blackrock Depths. Blood of the Mountain is occasionally found on Dark Iron mineral nodes when mining ore. You can also buy the ore or Blood on the AH, of course. You will need to do a bar run each time you want to turn these in.

To get from Honored to Revered takes up to 12k rep (less if you saved the quest turn-ins until Honored). This maps to 1600 Dark Iron Ore, 70 Core Leather, 24 Blood of the Mountain, 24 Fiery Cores, 24 Lava Cores, or a (weighted) combination of the above (fewer for humans who get 10% more rep per turn-in).

To then reach Exalted takes another 21k rep: 2800 Dark Iron Ore, 120 Core Leather, 42 Blood/Fiery Cores/Lava Cores (again, fewer for humans).