Reputation Compendium

Wildhammer Dwarves

The Wildhammer Dwarves reside in the Hinterlands and are proudly not aligned with the Alliance. Original residents of Grim Batol, they were driven out by the Red Dragonflight and the Horde. Now, they husband their strength at Aerie Peak, waiting for the day when they can retake their homeland. Among other notables, Aerie Peak shelters Drakk Stonehand, the Master Leatherworking Trainer for the Alliance faction. Gaining faction with Wildhammer has the following known bonuses:

  • At Friendly reputation, Harggan (Blacksmithing Supplies) will sell to you, including his Plans: Mithril Scale Bracers. Also, Wildhammer guards will come to your defense if you are attacked in the area, and you will be alerted if the NPCs at Aerie Peak are attacked (useful because the area has PvP opportunities due to PvP-enabling Horde quests)
  • At Honored reputation, receive 10% savings at Wildhammer vendors

Reputation from Kills

Killing Vilebranch trolls in the Hinterlands and Witherbark trolls in the Arathi Highlands earns 5 reputation points apiece (if the kill yields xp). This gain continues through Friendly.


Known quests which yield Wildhammer reputation:

Quest Given By Description Reputation
[45] Troll Necklace Bounty Fraggar Thundermantle, Aerie Peak Bring 5 Troll Tribal Necklaces to Fraggar Thundermantle in Aerie Peak. 250
[46] Featherbeard's Endorsement Ambassador Rualeth, Aerie Peak Go to Featherbeard's Hovel and read his Journal. 150
[48] Skulk Rock Clean-up Fraggar Thundermantle, Aerie Peak Kill 10 Green Sludges and 10 Jade Oozes, and then report back to Fraggar Thundermantle in Aerie Peak. 250
[47] Food for Baby Agnar Beastamer, Aerie Peak Bring 5 Silvermane Stalker Flanks to Agnar Beastamer in Hinterlands 250
This and the immediate followup "Becoming a Parent" yield 250 Wildhammer rep. These are the last steps in the chain that get you the baby faerie dragon (sprite darter) pet which begin with Kindal Moonweaver, near the Grimtotem compound in Feralas.
Saving Sharpbeak
[45] Witherbark Cages Gryphon Master Talonaxe, Aerie Peak Check the cages at the two Witherbark villages, then return to Gryphon Master Talonaxe. 250
[48] The Altar of Zul Gryphon Master Talonaxe, Aerie Peak Check the top of the Altar of Zul, then return to Gryphon Master Talonaxe. 250
[47] Thadius Grimshade Gryphon Master Talonaxe, Aerie Peak Bring Sharpbeak's Feather to Thadius Grimshade in the Blasted Lands. 75, 100 Ironforge, 25 Alliance spillover
[47d] Nekrum's Medallion Thadius Grimshade Bring Nekrum's Medallion to Thadius Grimshade in the Blasted Lands. 250, 250 Ironforge, 62.5 Alliance spillover
[47] The Divination Thadius Grimshade Wait until Grimshade performs the ritual of divination. 25, 25 Ironforge
[47] Return to the Hinterlands Thadius Grimshade Speak with Gryphon Master Talonaxe. 75
[53+] Saving Sharpbeak Gryphon Master Talonaxe Fight to the top of Jintha'Alor, kill Vile Priestess Hexx for the key to Sharpbeak's cage, and save Sharpbeak. 500
Note that climbing Jintha'Alor is also required to make the mallet needed for Zul'Farrak or completing the Sunken Temple pre-quest "Ancient Egg", so you may be able to find a group for that. Climb up to the top of the temple. You will notice a cave to the right with a pair of guards in front of it. Follow the path left to get to the altar area. Pick off the other mobs before aggroing Hexx. If you're patient, she periodically walks away from the altar to the cave with the Ancient Egg. She is a powerful shadow priest and uses fear as well as self-heals to put up a tough fight. Warlock/Felhunter or shadow-spec Priest (with Silence) are great assets here. After retrieving Hexx's Key, make your way back along the path to the right-hand cave. After killing the guards, make your way through the short tunnel to find and release Sharpbeak. Wait for a few moments and you may get to meet his parents as well.

Repeatable Reputation Quests for Wildhammer

As of Patch 2.0, the Wildhammer no longer have a repeatable reputation quest in the Hinterlands.